To maintain the highest quality for our customers, we reserve the right to and will remove any items that do not meet high standards. We will return any removed items to seller at pick-up time and donate any items not picked up.

What to Consign?

  • Because our two sales have been consolidated into a single August Sale, we are accepting all Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer clothes.
  • Quality clothes in good, clean condition.
  • Sizes 0-18 only! Please do not bring Adult clothing as it takes up valuable space.
  • Baby/Toddler/Child/Teen equipment & furniture in excellent condition
  • Toys in excellent condition. If toys have multiple pieces, make sure all pieces are there and secure items together.
  • Children’s costumes or dress up clothes
  • Children’s DVDs and videos
  • Children’s books
  • Children’s games and puzzles. Make sure all pieces are included.
  • Shoes in good condition. They must be cable tied together.
  • Children’s room décor
  • Crib mattresses (in good condition only)
  • Maternity clothes
  • 20 items or $30 minimum – No maximums

What NOT to Consign?

  • No stuffed animals
  • Stained or torn clothing
  • Used undergarments
  • Self-recorded videos, cassettes or DVDs
  • Adult clothing & purses
  • Non-working electronic items
  • Jewelry of any kind
  • Recalled items

Pricing and Tagging

WINGS cannot be held liable for stolen, broken or multiple piece items that are not secured properly. Please read and follow the below guidelines carefully.

  • As a guideline, price items for LESS than 1/2 of what you originally paid. Remember that as a consignor, you received the more valuable first half of use. People will buy the fairly priced items and they are shopping for a bargain.
  • Please use 1/2 of a 3×5 index card (not smaller) or cardstock. Do not use stickers or labels as it is impossible to remove them from the items. Do not use regular weight paper as it pulls off of cable ties too easily and often becomes unattached while hanging on the racks. Hole punch in top center of tag (not too near the edge) and use cable tie (in electric dept. of Lowe’s, Home Depot). Please do not use safety pins to attach the tag to the garment as they are harder to pull off during check out. Attach to top of garment (button hole, tag or belt loop), NOT the hanger. Any items not tagged properly may be removed from the sale.


  • Write your Seller ID# in the upper left corner. Your ID# will be issued to you upon registration. If you have participated in other consignment sales and already have items tagged, we will gladly accept ID#s from other consignment sales. Simply let us know what your number is when you register. If you have already been assigned a Seller ID# by WINGS, please continue to use that number.
  • In the top right corner, write the single smallest numerical size, e.g. 3-6m = 3m. Use a numerical size and NOT Small, Medium, Large, etc. This will help in placing clothing on the correct racks.
  • In the center of the tag, in bold, large numbers, write the price. Price items in only $1.00 increments. Any merchandise priced in non-dollar increments (i.e. $0.50, $0.25) will be rounded down to the nearest dollar. Remember to write the price in RED INK if you do not want it to be sold at half price.
  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted during the half prince portion of the sale, fill out the tag info and price in RED INK.
    Across the bottom, write a description of the item, including brand, color and number of pieces, if more than one. This helps us match any tags that come unattached during the sale to the correct garment. If an item does not have a tag, we will not sell it because we will not know who to credit the sell.
  • If you would like to donate your items at the end of the sale, put a D in the lower right corner. We currently donate items to Lydia’s Sisters Circle’s rummage sale. 100% of the profits from this sale support missions. Any unsold items from this sale are donated to local families in need, Garner Area Ministries, children in Haiti, Russia, etc.
  • Hang all clothing on a hanger with the hooks opening to left (see below). Use pants hangers with clips for skirts and pants or safety pin to regular hanger at top of hangers. Some stores will give away hangers in infant departments. Also check with dry cleaners for free hangers.
  • Cable tie or tape hangers of multi piece items together and make sure to note the number of pieces on tag. Only write one tag with one price. Do not price each piece.
  • Use packing tape to secure tags to other items (i.e. toys, baby equipment, etc.). Please put multi-piece items (games, toys, puzzles, etc.) in clear zip lock bags and tape closed. Tape tag to the OUTSIDE of the zip lock bag, not inside the bag!
  • Shoes need to be cable tied together. Smaller shoes may be placed in a zip lock bag and tape closed with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. Shoes must be in excellent condition.
  • WINGS is not responsible for any lost or broken items due to incorrectly secured items or tags.
  • Use rubber bands around hangers to sort items by sex and size. You will hang them in the designated areas when you arrive.

Top 10 Consignor Mistakes

10) Not pricing in $1.00 increments
9) Attaching tags to hangers instead of clothing
8) Not using cardstock for tags
7) Using safety pins to attach tags
6) Bringing items not allowed/out of season
5) Not securing multiple piece items
4) Putting tags inside bags instead of taping on outside
3) Hole punches too close to edge of tags
2) Hole punches too close to consignor code
1) Not correctly labeling items that are NOT to be sold for 1/2 price

While some of these may seem petty, they slow down our process of checking out customers, sorting tags or finding items that have lost tags. Thank you!